10 best note taking app for mac

10 best note taking app for mac(Best Note Apps for mac(Sticky Note)

best note taking app for mac
Here is the best note taking app for mac OS, this apps have an option to sync with cloud storage(google drive, dropbox) , Search option, image attachments option, website save option and many more. Sticky best note apps for mac.

1.Microsoft OneNote


Best in the list is Microsoft Office OneNote software. The OneNote is the best Note taking app for mac, also this is available for Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian.




  1. This have a great formatting tools.
  2. It is easy to transfer notes to OneNote.
  3. Its Free on all platforms with free cloud sync.




  1. Platform dependent.
  2. Not free/libre.
  3. Copy/paste of text into other apps is pasted as image rather than text.

2. Webjets


Webjets is a another awesome stick note that allows you to manage any kind of information with ease note options.





  1. Deep nesting of information.
  2. A minimalist interface.




  1. Search feature is missing.
  2. Alpha version.




Evernote is a cross-platform note which is also helps you to sync your notes with all major cloud platforms with easy steps. It also allows you to save images, websites is easy way.



  1. Can include images, and snippets from the web or a whole webpage via web clipper.
  2. Powerful features for organizing your notes.




  1. Bloated and complex.
  2. Free version limited to 2 devices

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Bear is a Write beautifully note for Mac OS. Also this is available on iPhone and iPad. Bear is a simple, beautiful and flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. Even paid version available for iOS and Mac.



This is a simple, clean, powerful, and free note-taking app for Mac OS.



  1. Ultra-fast.
  2. Markdown-compatible/markdown preview.




This is also similar to evernote, a cross platform note taking app with built in cloud synchronization. very small in appearance, this is an app for taking notes simply possible.



  1. Easily sync your notes with cloud software.
  2. Very simple and clean interface.




  1. No Support for Mac OS and mobile apps.
  2. No support for file attachments.


7. Apple Notes


Apple note is another awesome note you can use for your mac system.



  1. Sync with other devices.
  2. Attachments.




  1. No ‘undo’ when deleting.

8. Notebooks

It’s really easy to Create the documents, managing tasks, storing the notes and organize everything.
This is also available For Mac OS, iOS and windows platform.



  1. Powerful and grows according to your needs.
  2. No recurring fees.


9.Ulysses III




  1. Markup utility.
  2. Color themes.




  1. Creating writing styles isn’t beginner-friendly.



Turtl lets you take notes, bookmark websites, and store  all your documents for sensitive projects.


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10 best note taking app for mac

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