5 Best PlayStation VR Games You Should Not Miss

Best PlayStation VR Games

Best PlayStation VR Games Sony was launched the Sony PlayStation VR 4 in 2016 and less than 2 years, it has brought about the Virtual Reality experience onto the gaming world.

The PS4 has a lots of VR games for it, Even all the games have been specially redesigned. Actually previously VR headset is required as a extra accessories to function now you don’t need that. As we bring to you the 5 Best paid PlayStation VR Games You Should Not Miss:

5 Best Paid PlayStation VR Games You Should Not Miss

1. RIGS : Mechanized Comba

Best PS VR Games, RIGS is an all intense multiplayer shooter game, in this game players compete against each other with weapons and mechanized combat skills. Actually it is kind of mix between Titanfall and Unreal Tournament, but its awesome since it’s in VR. Also you have a league called Mechanized Combat League.

RIGS Mechanized Comba VR Game

Genre: Shooting / Adventure

Buy from Amazon: ($39.99)

2. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Resident evil 7 VR game Playstation 4

Resident Evil 7 is give the unlimited of horrors for the player who playing at first time will feel the horror experience . While it was the best scariest game of all time, also now they made the game VR as well so feel the House of Horror. Imagine yourself in this horror house alone and solve the puzzle quests, horrifying boss fights, laser-sight shooting and inventory management and feel the Resident Evil in your house.

Genre: Survival Horror

Buy from Amazon: ($47.78)


3. Farpoint

Farpoint VR game for playstation PS 4

Farpoint is another awesome shooter  game for the PlayStation VR,  actually you need to attack your enemy before you killed. This game is have the amazing background extra-terrestrial world, where you fight with alien species for  finding the way of a crashed space station for get back home. This is the fluid-motion shooting game play. Farpoint game is especially built for the PS4 VR.

Genre: Shooting / Adventure

Buy from Amazon: ($49.00)

4. Driveclub VR


best playstation vr games Driveclub VR game for playstation PS$ VR

Driveclub is an one of the best car race game built by of Sony for VR PS4.

Also this is world’s fifth best selling PlayStation 4 game ever.

This VR game take the user experience to the Next level. Also the graphics seem a little smoothed. moreover the game play is great. Playing Driveclub game in VR gives you the feel of being a driver of a real race car, and you need to try this game to feel the real VR experience.


Genre: Racing
Buy from Amazon: ($29.99)

5. Tumble VR


best playstation vr games Tumble VR playstation game


Tumble VR is Best PlayStation VR Games game simple build a linear pillar game and it’s a very simple concept and make you addictive game.

Playing a Tumble VR game is quite simple, players need to pick up objects in front of them and build a linear pillar by placing the objects on top of one another.

Yes, it does kind-of Jenga game but after 10 minutes into the game you realize it’s something more different and just so good.

Genre: Puzzle / Simulation
Buy from Amazon: ($9.99)


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