Best Rest API testing tools for you

Best Rest API testing tools for you

As a software engineer I need to test lot’s of rest Api’s for confirming my Web application is working perfectly or not. I Have used lots of Rest API testing tools for testing the my web application. Once the developer fix the issues I need to re test entire work flow again. I already have experience in both XML and Json Rest API testing. So I know which tool is best for testing the Rest API. Here is the Best Rest API testing tools for you. Here i’m going to say about top 3 Rest API web application testing tools I have used.

1. PostMan Rest API Testing Tool

Best Rest API testing tools for you

Postman is the one of the top rest api tool i’m using for testing the Rest URI’s. Postman have more features compare with other rest api tools, you can store(save) and sync all the data’s in postman website. It’s like cloud storage, once you have created the account in PostMan Tool and after added the data’s it will sync all the data’s to postman cloud storage, when Internet connection is available at the time.

Feacure’s of PostMan Rest API Testing Tool:

1. Cloud storage (easily enable and disable cloud sync).
2. Easy to Import and export.
3. Multiple user access.
4. More languages accepted(Json, Text, JavaScript, XML and HTML).
5. Sample test Scripts.
6. Free Themes
7. Add-on’s

How to Download PostMan Rest API Testing Tool:

Unfortunately the bad thing is postman is not a windows application. It’s a chrome browser Extension(plugin). So you can only use this application only if you have the chrome browser. If you have chrome browser then you need to follow the steps to add the postman Extension. Go to chrome Settings page then move on to More Tools there you can see Extension option. Now open the Extension, now scroll down the page there you can see the Get more Extensions now open the link, you can now see the chrome extensions page there you can search the postman RestAPI tool.

Or click the below link to download the PostMan plugin.

Download Postman in Chrome

Once installed you can find the PostMan in APPS page.


PostMan Information:

Version: 5.2.0

Updated: August 30, 2017

Size: 6.3MiB

Language: English

User: 4,291,374

Insomnia Rest API Testing Tool

Best Rest API testing tools

Insomnia is the another testing tool I have used for testing the Rest API’s. Compare with PostMan It doesn’t have much feature’s like cloud sync, Multiple User access and add-on’s. But this is also a good testing tool for rest api testing. But sometimes it’s having the problem because of the cookies. Insomnia is storing the cookies of the rest api so when ever developer’s deploying the new changes, you need to remove all the cookies for clearing the caches.

Feature’s of Insomnia Rest API Testing Tool:

1. Easy to use.
2. Import and export is simple.
3. More themes
4. Add-on’
5. limited languages like Json and XML.


1. Import is not working properly.
2. Cache problem.


How to Download Insomnia Rest API Testing Tool:

Insomnia is a windows application also it’s available for chrome extensions, you can directly download Insomnia from their official website called. It’s also available for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu platform also. The minimum OS version for Windows is Windows 7, Minimum OS version for Mac is OS X 10.9, Minimum OS version for Ubuntu 14.04. So you can download below.


Download for Mac from

Download for Windows from

Download for Ubuntu from

Download for Chrome Browser from Chrome APPS


As per my experience this is the best Rest API testing tool you can use for testing your web application.

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