Best Screen Sharing Apps for Both Android in iOS

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Both Android in iOS

Hi guys we are back with another interesting and every smartphone users need to know features. In technology terms we call it screen sharing, mostly we using on meetings, discussions and some time giving knowledge transfer. In the world billions of people using Android smartphone phone. If you want to control your other device or your friends device then you can connect and access here is the best screen sharing apps for Both Android in iOS. You can now easily access and control one android device with another android mobile phone using some of free apps.
Using this remote control screen sharing access apps, you can not only operates your own 2nd device but also you can  resolve problems.
  • Having meetings and conferences with your friends
  • employees and relatives  etc.
By remotely just accessing their Android smartphone device from your smartphone device. Now this major tricks is done by lots of apps but I tell you about top 5 apps.
  1. TeamViewer
  3. Remo droid
  4. Android vnc viewer
  5. Screensharing

1. Team Viewer

best screen sharing apps

Most of the people who working in Software technology and business you guys might be familiar with Team Viewer. Because this is the most popular Application for screen sharing and controlling your Desktop/Laptop Remotely.  Now Team Viewer is implemented same features for Android Smart Phone Devices As well. You can now easily access your family or friends or Colleagues mobile remotely from anywhere in the world. This app is very simple if you want to connect your another device. You just need to give User Id and One time Password to complete remote access.
Features Of Team Viewer:
  1. You can easily control with touch and gestures.
  2. Full keyboard functions.
  3. You can transfer any files and data in both directions.
  4. Real Time audio and video transmission.
  5. Very High security


best screen sharing apps

Join me is a another app you can use for screen sharing. join me is the top competitor for Team Viewer. also have desktop software for sharing.

Features of

  1. You can Create your own personal link ( name).
  2. You can change background image.
  3. Easily Swap presenters during meetings.
  4. You Can access to desktop version too

3. RemoDroid

best screen sharing apps

RemoDroid is very popular cross-platform apps that allows you to remotely control one Android devices with any other Android devices also Mac or Pc. Important thing is this app is still in a beta testing, that means it might be will work or not work with all devices. The app is mainly created for remotely control the Android TV sticks, but it works with a Android devices as well as tablets too.

Features of Remo Droid:

  1. You can Remote control including Android device and PC.
  2. Same As, it also Multiple users support.
  3. Works in Wifi and 3G/4G networks.

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4. Android VNC Viewer

best screen sharing apps

VNC Viewer is another best app to control remote access to smart phone Android device or VNC server. You can Connect to any device running a VNC server.

Features of Android VNC Viewer:

  1. You can save the screen sharing.
  2. It helps you to Import/export settings.
  3. You can save connection.
  4. Also have zoom control option.
  5. Also mouse and keyboard control.
  6. Connects to Every VNC servers (including TightVNC, RealVNC on Win and Linux, x11vnc, and Apple Remote Desktop on OS/X).
  7. This app have Lots of customization features.
  8. You Can arrange all the controls according to you.
  9. New button option to send text messages(Minenutes of meeting) without remembering it.

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5. ScreenShare(Tablet)

best screen sharing apps

ScreenShare helps you to remotely sharing your mobile phone videos, music, photos, web pages and many types of documents from your smart phone to your tablet.

Features of ScreenShare(Tablet):

  1.  You can able to share and play videos, musics from your phone.
  2. You can able to ScreenShare Browser.
  3. Ads free.

So above apps are help you to share screen and control and access remotely your device as well as your friends android mobile phone.

Happy sharing if you like just share it.

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