How to Crash any WhatsApp group using emojis

How to Crash WhatsApp messenger group using emojis

Crash WhatsApp messenger group using emojis

This method you can Crash any WhatsApp group using emojis. This time is for crashing the annoying WhatsApp crazy friends group who always sent unlimited garbage to your WhatsApp messenger. So you really want to crash the annoying WhatsApp group and who taken revenge on you. Crash WhatsApp messenger account group. Before that add two steps WhatsApp verifications for your WhatsApp account.

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How to Crash WhatsApp group and App.


What you have to do for crashing your annoying whatsapp group or individual chat ? Nothing big there’s no need for big hacks and all You just have to do below simple steps. First thing you have to do is just open your web whatsapp messenger in your PC or laptop system. Because when you try this in your android or iPhone smartphone, your mobile phone also will hang because of this tricks. So we can make your smart phone safer. We will go to web whatsapp application.

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Step 1: Open your WhatsApp Messenger web in your system (desktop/laptop).

If you don’t know how to open, then just go to , scan the QR code in your smartphone by following this steps:


Open WhatsApp — Menu — WhatsApp Web


Open WhatsApp — Settings — WhatsApp Web

Windows Phone:

Open WhatsApp — Menu — WhatsApp Web

Now your able to open the web whatsapp. Now follow the step 2

Step 2: Then go to your annoying WhatsApp messenger group or your friends WhatsApp chat.

Once you open the WhatsApp group or chat then you need to type the emoji’s like below step:

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Step 3: Now type, Copy and paste the emoji minimum 7000 emoji’s needed for breaking the whatsapp apps. So give that much characters and emoji’s.

Once you typed and copy and paste that into group chat or private chat then hit enter button in your whatsapp web, your friend whatsapp will crashe. That’s it. Your annoying WhatsApp messenger group is crashed.

Now this time for crashing the group enjoy. Just share to your friends.Crash any WhatsApp messenger group hack’s tips and tricks.Now you can broke every WhatsApp chat group.

If you tried and it’s worked or not please comment, then other’s should know but i already tried my self it’s working for me.

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