how to create Infeed ads in google adsense.

how to create infeed ads in google adsense.

create Infeed ads in google adsense

Google today launched the In-Feed ads (native ads) for google adsense and this is the best step google taken for the content management this native ads definitely will increase the revenue of the small bloggers, WordPress and website holders. Actually this In feed native ads is available for all the adsense accounts, so you don’t worry about this you also will get this.Create In-Feed Ads In Google Adsense account Tips. Create Infeed ads in google adsense.

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Steps to activate the In-feed Native google ads:

  1. Login to your adsense account.
  2. Now to My ads tab.
  3. After that go to Ad units.
  4. Now Click Ad units option.
  5. Then click New Ad Units.
  6. Now list of ad units will show, now you need to select In-feed ads.
  7. And click get started.
  8. Now select the option where you want to show your adsense In feed ads(Image above, Image on the side, Title above, Text only).
  9.  After that customize your ad link colors, size, length, width, heights.
  10. Now click Save and Get code.

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That is it you successfully created the In feed google adsense ads. Also check how to create Matched content Ads and In In-article ads for google adsense.

How to Create In-Feed Ads In Google Adsense account Tips. Google In-Article Ads google Adsense account tips.create a new In-Article Ads, enable In-Feed Ads .


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