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PuBG the number one game of 2018 is owned by Tencent corp. Recently Tencent announced the official PUBG emulator for PC. If you don’t know what emulator means? Then let me tell you, using the PUBG PC emulator you can install the PUBG game in your PC and play online same like mobile phone. Today, latest Halloween update for PUBG 0.9.0 is release today so you can download the latest version of PUBG in emulator and play. Otherwise if you already using the emulator then update the latest version.

PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Android Update Details:

  • The PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 update is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • The new update is sized 608MB for Android and after the update is downloaded, additional 11M update available in in-game update.
  • PUBG Mobile is also rolling out separate MAP downloads for Miramar map(0.6MB) and Sanhok map(4MB) updates can be downloaded separately.

latest feature of PUBG 0.9.0 Update

  • New Spectator Mode(Now you can spectate your enemies)
  • Night Mode(Day and Night will change randomly)
  • Night vision goggles(for Night Vision)
  • Halloween theme
  • New weapons such as grenades and guns
  • New vehicles including the Rony pick-up truck
  • Better matchmaking between Squad members (Using language selection)
  • Registration for a Crew Challenge Tournament
  • The update also included some new elements to the environment like new buildings, covers and trees mainly in the night mode.

Did you know? PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds has installed 100 million on Google Play Store. It has been confirmed officially by PUBG Mobile. They achieved the 100 million download mark on Android in just four months. Also PUBG Mobile recently announced that it has over 20 million daily active users on the game. Also last month PUBG rolled out the latest map Sanhok, through version 0.8.0.

PUBG Mobile Emulator Software exe file download link (This is a Beta Version)

You can download directly from official Tencent website Here is site link (This is a Beta Version)

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