How to enable Dual Apps features in MIUI 9 in Mi Phone without rooting

enable Dual Apps features MIUI

How to enable Dual Apps features MIUI 9 in Mi Phone without rooting

Hey! Good news for all the Mi Fans now you can use dual WhatsApp, Dual Facebook App, Dual Twitter Application and Dual Instagram also.
You can use all your social networks apps as dual Apps.
So you can create Multiple WhatsApp Account in Your Dual Sim Android mobile phone without rooting or Installing external apps.

So did you want to know how it is right?

If yes then here we go. If your not using Mi Phone then go to below link.

How to use 2 different WhatsApp account on my dual sim mobile Phone

Now this time for how to use same apps twice, because I have two whats app account number and two Facebook account but for this purpose.I can’t buy new mobile phone.

Ok. This time for step by step procedure for  How to enable Dual Apps on Mi Mobile Phone without rooting?

But before going steps you need to know one think, that is this is the feature of MIUI 8 suppose You are using.

Below MIUI version like MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 then it won’t work because this is the feature of MIUI 8.

And Another think you want to know about this is not available for KITKAT android OS as well.

Devices not supporting this feature is Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G.

Even though You are having MIUI 8 OS then also it will not work out.

Because that feature is not enabled for KIT-Kat OS.

Step 1: Go to Settings in Your Mi mobile Device.

Step 2. Then Navigate to Dual Apps menu you can find it at the bottom or otherwise you can search on top.

Step 3. Select and Toggle The app You want to clone.

Enable Dual Apps features in MIUI 8 in Mi Phone

That’s it you are completed Now Dual Apps make you run two instances of an app simultaneously.

Once the clone is completed,now you can see two icons of that specific app you cloned, on your home screen.

Each app is having their own data and settings.

When Your try to uninstalling the original app that will delete cloned App automatically.

So please be careful before deleting original App.

But You can delete your cloned App that will not affect your original App.


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