Evolution of mobile Internet from G to 5G.

Evolution of mobile Internet from G to 5G.

Evolution of mobile Internet from G to 5G.

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Have you ever wondered about Internet?

Because Phones initially used for calling purpose only.

After that we invented internet and we are using that, now we can’t think a life without internet.

Did you Internet is just an single.

Simply we are using signal to send and receive files.

If your an Electronics and Communication engineer then you know very well.

Now we move to Evolution of Internet.

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First internet is start with G That means 2G (2nd Generation Mobile Communication).

In Internet G Means GPRS. GPRS full form is Global System for Mobile Communications.

If you’re not born on before 1999 then sorry you don’t know nothing about G.

That is the first internet we are no I used.

Speed of the 2G is — 9.6Kbps

In 2G if you have to download 1Mb file then it will take 5 to 10 Minutes.

Next one is

GPRS (2.5G)

GPRS full form is General packet radio services.

Speed of the GPRS 2.5G is — 35Kbps to 171kbps but actually you will get 10 – 20Kpbs speed.

Next Evolution of signal is E

E means EDGE. EDGE full form is Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution.

EGDE is called 2.75G- 2.75th Generation

Speed of the EDGE is little fast compare to GPRS 2.5G.

Speed range of the EDGE is — 120Kbps to 384Kbps

But you will actually get 50Kbps to 100Kbps only, suppose you are from India then you only get 10Kbps to 30Kbps only.

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Next Evolution of signal is 3G

3G means 3rd Generation of mobile internet technology. It also called UMTS(Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and is based on GSM standards.

Data transfer Speed of 3G is — 384Kbps to 2Mbps depending on your mobile phone signal(tower).

But actual speed you get is 50Kbps to 200Kbps. Kbps Means Kilo bits per seconds.

Usually 3G is faster compare to EDGE and you can easily browse websites and stream low quality videos.

Next Evolution of signal is H (HSPA)

WiMAX/LTE “4G” (theoretical 100Mbps) — 3Mbps to 10Mbps average, 20Mbps+ peak download speeds.

HSPA Stands for High Speed Packet Access. it is enhanced 3G Technology. Most Peopel call it as 3.5G, 3.5 Generation.

Actual HSPA Download speed is 600Kbps to 10Mbps and Upload speed is 300Kbps to 4.56Mbps.

Note this range is are not exact range. This ranges are wrote here is my own usage rates.

Using HSPA you can stream music and videos without much buffering.

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Next Evolution of signal is H+ (Evolved HSPA)

H+ is faster then HSPA also speed data upload and downlod.

Also Some countries calling H+ is 3.75G.

Next Evolution of signal is 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution)

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4G means 4 th generation. Now in most Developed countries and Developing countries got 4G.

Speed of the 4G network is (theoretical 100Mbps) — 3Mbps to 10Mbps average, 20Mbps+ peak download speeds.

But i got only 4Mbps. that is mean 4 Mega bits per seconds.

I downloaded 4Mb file in 1 Secs.

Next Evolution of signal is 5G

5G – 5 generation technology, It is not currently availble for any Countries.

Speed of the 5G network will be 1Gbps.

That  mean you can download 1Gb file within 1 secs.

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