Firefox Quantum Browser Download For Android

Firefox Quantum Browser latest version download for PC/Mobile-Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux

Firefox Quantum BrowserFirefox is recently launched the New Browser called Firefox Quantum Browser. As per Mozilla Firefox Quantum Browser is 2x faster and then 30% less memory usage.

Also we checked the Quantum Browser in My Computer it’s faster compare with the Firefox Browser, Firefox Quantum browser is very fast. Also it’s using the less memory only(May be we can say light weight browser). Quantum Browser is avilable for Windows, Mac OS, , Android(APK) and iOS platforms also.

And the important thing is This Firefox Quantum browser in beta stage. So it may be crash some time so it will crash your system or Mobile phone.

Even it’s same like Firefox browser, Firefox quantum also come-up with 2 other version also like Firefox Quantum Developer Edition and Nightly.


Download and Version Details for Android and iOS

Download Nightly

Download Quantum Beta


For iOS you need to apply for beta testing in Mozilla Firefox website

Apply on Mozilla

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