Google Adsense Auto Ads how to add and Setup

Google Adsense Auto Ads how to add and Setup

Google Adsense Auto Ads

Google today launched another new ad method for increasing the revenue of the publisher for that purpose Google added new ad method called Auto Ads (beta). Already we know google is keep on trying new ad formats, previously they launched Matched content , In article and In feed same way they added this Google Adsense Auto ads format .
This is the Beta version so it’s not available for all the Adsense Publisher, It’s only available for selected Adsense user because it’s a beta version.
So you can check whether Auto Ads are enabled or not in your adsense account.

How to Check Auto ads Enabled in Adsense Account

So you can check by doing this steps like Go to Your Adsense account-> Then Move to the Menu there Click MY Ads option under that you can find Auto Ads option.

How to Setup Auto ads to your site

Once you went to the Auto ads Page you need to configure your Adsense auto ad. For that you need to select Choose global preferences Page, Once you went select the Ad format you’re going to show in entire website. Then click next after that Place code on your page you can copy your code and paste the Code between your <head></head> tags .If You are using WordPress website and you don’t know how to add Ad code in header then download and install this plugin Insert Header and Footer  and open the plugin and Add code in Header section.

Also you need to know, you’re going to add only one time the code in header. That is it, it will automatically add your ads in each and every page and entire site. You can change the code in any time.

You can refer official google statement from google in this link How to set up Auto ads (beta)

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