How to Change iPhone font size with simple steps

How to Change iPhone font size with simple steps?

Change iPhone font size

Worrying about font size is very small or very big in your iPhone? Using below simple steps you can change iPhone font size.Using these method you will increase or decrease your fonts style also this is easy safety steps.

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Wants to reduce the font size of your message or contacts depends on your Smartphone screen size?

Before you may be used 4.7-inch iPhone 5 or 5s but now iPhone 6 and 7 are have 5.5-inch size also.

before you used small screen mobile so font size is small then ok but now screen size is too big so you need to change the font size of your mobile phone depends on mobile screen size. If you don’t know how to turn off iPhone without power button?

No here is the steps for how to change the font size in your iPhone iOs.

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1: Go to Settings on your mobile phone.

2: Then select Display & Brightness option which is located just below the General Settings and above the Wallpapers.

3: Now go to Text Size option.

4: Once you are moved to the Text Size option, you will see the Drag Option.

5: If you want to Increase or Decrease the font size of your iPhone drag it left to right or right to left.

6: That’s it! You have changed the font size on your iPhone.

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