How to download streaming videos from any website

How​ to download streaming videos from any website by giving URL

How to download streaming videos from any website

Some time we want to download the videos we already watched or we are going to watch but some website are not allowing downloading videos. Because video streaming his become an important part of video stream websites.

According to the survey, Almost 6 out of every 10 peoples are prefer watching videos online over TV, Mobile Phone or other traditional platforms. AS per More than 400 hours of video is uploaded on every 60 seconds. An average time of every user spends a minimum of 40 minutes per session.

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Note above statistics we are only talking about youtube but there are a bunch of other alternatives website daily motion etc have.

For example, you are attending a new online course. So you want to re-watch the videos again and again very often until you learn that course. Also when ever your playing a video on line you will lose the Internet data also you face some difficulty with certain things.

So better we will download and watch again is better.

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But some countries like India Mobile or Broadband Internet Cost is very high.


1GB – 2G Data Pack cost is Around 3$-4$ dollars.

1GB – 3G Data Pack cost is Around 4$-5$ dollars.

1GB – 4G Data Pack cost is Around 4$-5$ dollars.

So you want to download or save or record the video to avoid the loss of mobile data bandwidth.

For saving your money downloading the videos is best choice but downloading content from some websites is very easy but some website quite annoying to download videos.

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Here’s step-by-step guide for How to download streaming videos from any website by giving URL.

Steps For Videos Download

Step 1: Go to below link for JDownloader 2 installer.

2: JDownloader 2 is downloaded then install it on your system PC/Mac then open it.

Step 3: Now go to the website and which video you wants to download.

Step 4: Then Copy the URL link of that web page and paste it on JDownloader 2 application and add the URL to it.

Step 5: Now the JDownloader 2 will automatically detect all the videos present in the page which url you given.

Step 6: Now you can pick whichever video the ones you need to download.

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That’s it! Hurray! Congrats!.

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