how to earn money from just downloading the Videos, Audios, files

how to earn money from just downloading the Videos, Audios, files

How to earn money from just downloading the Videos, Audios, files,games and Documents.

PPD means Pay Per Download That means when you download they will pay money. Now in your mind one question is arrives are you joking? Am I right?

Yes surely question will arrives but actually that is true, some website is providing per downloading the files.

But what you have to do is just put your files (Pictures, Videos, Games, Music) Or Documents on their server (website) and copy the link of your file and show it on your website or blogger or your Facebook page or any other social network page.
That’s it you are done.

Once the people are started downloading from your link you will earn money not a little bit but huge Amount of money.

What you need to do is you have to make your users to download your files from their website not more than that.

If that is happen then you will get a amount at least $1 to $20 for per download, Depends on which country user is downloading your files.

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Here is the step by step guide for how to earn money from just downloading the Pay Per files — PPD (Pay Per Download):

Step by Step guide:

Step 1: Go to the Pay Per Download website.

Step 2: Sign up or Register and Sign in to your account.

Step 3: Give your payment details.

Step 4: Now upload your files (Pictures, Videos, Games, Music) Or Documents which one is suitable for your website or social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Step 5: Now copy the URL of the file you uploaded.

Step 6: Then go to your website or social network and write about the link.
(Note: you need to create a content that will make your user to download your file)

Step 7: Once the User clicked your link and visited website then your user have to complete a small survey.

Step 8: Then file is start downloading.

Step 9: Finally you will paid depends on the user location as I told early.

Now You wanna know the website list for Pay Per Download PPD right?

Here is the two website I like to share for you.

List of PPD Website:

1. ShareCash

2. FileIce

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If saying about Sharcash is, this is the world’s best PPD (Pay Per Download) website that pays you some good money.

In sharecash You can make monthly recurring income.

Even I used to make money using ShareCash but the truth is I also got only $0.5 to $4 per download.

But another think is I haven’t got paid with $20 for per download.

Moreover Sharecash have more than 10 Million live users per Month.

And also sharecash is currently supporting more than 200+ countries.

Other think is you need to know about is location. Yes all the Payment’s is depends on the countries where from they downloading usually if the user is downloading from South Asian Countries like (India, Pakistan, Nepal, SriLanka, Bangladesh) then you won’t get that much amount usually it’s $0.15 to $1 also some of African countries you wont get that much.

However American countries, European countries and Australia have more than $1 to $20 per download usually that is ($1.5 to $2).

How much minimum payout of Sharcash?

Usually minimum payout of sharecash is $20.

Payment methods are Payza, Payoneer, Wire Transfer and Check.

sharecash link ShareCash

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Another website is FileIce PPD (Pay Per Download) network.

Fileice is actually offers a minimum $1 for each and every download.

when we comparing with Sharcash, fileice is paying high amount for downloading.

Fileice do have a good customer support based on Ajax forum.

Also the good news is even you can earn money without your user completing a survey.

Suppose If the Download rate exceeds more than 25 percent compare to previous day then you will get extra money for each and every Download $0.20.

As same as sharecash, fileice too only pay low cash for South Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, SriLanka, Bangladesh etc., But the payment given fileice for American countries, European countries and Australia are really high.

But the biggest problem is you cant get approval that much easily from FileIce, About 80% of them are rejecting every day from fileice team.

On the time of registration you need to add a meta tag or upload a file to verify the domain.

For queries they have forum page you can ask for further details.

How much minimum payout of Fileice ?

Usually minimum payout of Fileice is $20.

Payment methods are Paypal, Wire transfer, Check.

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