how to find who is visited your facebook profile

How to find who is visited your Facebook profile

Facebook is the biggest social network platform with lots of features have but some features what we want missing like profile visitor.

Sometimes i want to know who is visited my Facebook profile and also who is frequently visiting my Facebook profile.

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Because sometime our favorite person, example girl friend, lover , family or colleagues visited your profile but you don’t know then that will make you sad.

Then how we will find who is visited your face book profile? Is there anyway to check who is visited your Facebook account?

Yes actually two ways are there but not Facebook provided but we can see them by using these simple tricks.

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  • Method 1: Using extension
  • Method 2: Manually find in Facebook.

Here I will explain step by step guide to find who is visited or checked recently your facebook page.


Method 1: Using extension

Profile visitors is a free extension for Facebook. Profile visitors is tracks your Facebook profile visits.

It works on all the 3 major browser like, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explore (IE) so you can easily track your facebook profile visitors.

How to install facebook profile visitor extension in browser.

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1: Go to website.

2: Then Click install if you want to install on the same browser your currently visited website.

3: If you want to choose other browser then select the browser from the option other browser.

4: Click install that is it. now you can see all the visitor for your Facebook page.

Note using 3’rd Party apps may steal your profile personal information.

5: After installed now log in to your Facebook account.

6: Now you can see extra tab in your Facebook profile called “Visitor”.

7. Now Click on that visitor page, you will see all the recently visited list in pop up.

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how to find who is visited your facebook profile


Method 2: Manually find who is visited your Facebook account.

Note: It only possible on desktop/Laptop only.

1: Go to Facebook website.

2: login with your Facebook details.

3: Then go to your Fb timeline.

4: Right click your mouse and click “View page Source”.

5: now you will redirect to new page.

6: Now press CTRL+F (or Command+F on Mac) on your keyboard and find  “InitialChatFriendsList” (Don’t include Quotes) this word

7: Next to the word, you will see a list of numbers, that are profile IDs’s of persons who visited your FB profile.

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8: Then go to Facebook and paste the user ID number like below.

for example:  that is mean

how to find who is viewed your facebook profile

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That is it now you can see your friend list.
All the best bye.

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