How to Signup/Register/Create UC News account?

How to Signup Register Create account in UC News?

UC news is another way of earning money by doing content righting. How to Signup Register Create account in UC News.

If your interested you can create account in UC Browser you will start earn money once your account approved you can start write and earn money.

Here are the steps and condition you need to do before applying your UC News Account.

First think you need is PAN card if your from an India.

1.Go to website.

2. Click signup link.

3. Give  your Email id,Password, Confirm Password, Invitation Code, Verification code and click continue.

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How to Signup/Register/Create account in UC News?

4. Once you successfully register it will send email id for verification.

email verification UC news

5. you need to click the link to verify your email id.

6. once you verified your email id you need to again give your mobile number, Pan Card and website for UC news approval.

7. UC News team will verify your account once verification completed they approved then you can start write news.

Usually verification will take 2 to 5 working days.

once your account is approved you can start write on UC News.

Here is the steps for how to create new UC news Post:

1. Click Post.

how to create new UC news Post

2. Give the title for your news post.

3. Write the news.

4. click save for saving the post as drafts.

5. Now click publish for posting the UC news.

6. Once you publish the news it will show the status as pending.

7. once the team is approved your news it show as published.

8. suppose team is rejected your note it show as suspended.

That is mean you need to edit your news and submit again.

Usually News or Post approval time duration will take 4 to 5 hours.

Once your news post is reached 2000 visitors you can apply for UC news monetization.

Then you can add ad in your news.

Note: You shouldn’t copy paste content from any other website then they will terminate your UC News account.


  • Main published link mein kya fill karu kyonki maine isse pehle kuchh published nahi kiya.

  • I am trying to create account on ucnews but after so many attempts, I am unable to create the account because uc news is demanding self published article link but I don’t have any published article.
    Please help me what can I do???

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