How to Use Notepad++ Tips and Tricks

how to use notepad++ tips and tricks

Did you know Notepad++ is the one of the software must need in your PC/Mac. It’s have more option like language, Run, Recording, search and Converter Notepad++ software tips and tricks.Here is the how to use notepad++ tips and tricks,notepad tips tricks beginner.
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How to save or convert Language in Notepad++

Language like  c, C#, Java, HTML, sql, spring, jQuery, JavaScript, php, my SQL, VB script, .Net and XML you can open in Notepad++.


1 Give your Input in NotePad++ and save it.
2 Now open the file in NotePad++.
3 Go to Language
4 Select your langauge then the file will open like the same format.
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How to Open and Run  C, C#, Java, HTML, .Net and XML files in Notepad++

Same like above you can open your .Net or HTML file in any browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer IE, Google Chrome and Safari browser.


1 Give your Input in Notepad++ and save it.
2 Now open the file in Notepad++.
3 Now go to Run
4 Select the browse you wants to open.

That is it

How to Recording and playback in Notepad++ Software

Also you can record and play the text or content. That is means you need to copy and paste the row multiple times by using this record and play you can done this.


How to convert ASCII to HEX and HEX to ASCII in Notepad++

Using Notepad++ you can convert ASCII to HEX and HEX to ASCII.


1 Open plugins
2 choose Converter
3 Select any one you want either ASCII to HEX or HEX to ASCII.
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How to Use word Compare or Difference Checker in Notepad++.

You can compare the two different documents using NotePad++.


1 Go to Plugins Menu.
2 Select Compare.
3 Then Again choose Compare.
4 It is split into two windows.
5 You can give your two inputs on both left and right.
6 Now you will see the difference on Left side of the window.

Also you can see below video for full step by step guide.

 How to Use word or text Search in Notepad++

In Notepad++ also have search option if want t search about anything in the Notepad++ file just select the file and go to Run and click Google search or Wikipedia search then it will open in your default browser notepad tips tricks beginner.

Download Notepad++
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