IBM Security QRadar SIEM Features, Functionality, Components

IBM Security QRadar Features, Functionality, Components and Processing SpeedIBM QRadar SIEM IBM QRadar SIEM Features, Functionality, Components and Processing Speed

What is Mean By IBM QRadar SIEM

IBM Security QRadar SIEM is a security information and event management (SIEM full form) software product it helps vulnerabilities, bugs, detects anomalies,broken products and uncovers advanced threats and removes false positives. It collects all the log data from an enterprise product(it may be your software or website or Apps). Actually it is collects the all the data from your product and track, consolidates log events from your network devices (more than thousands of devices), host assets, endpoints, operating systems, applications, user activities and behaviors. IBM QRadar then performs real-time data analysis of your logged data and network flows to identify whether any malicious activity happens or not if so then it can be stopped very quickly, by preventing or minimizing damage to your organization.


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QRadar Functionality


Below is the top functionality of the QRadar.

  1. Provides Real-time Visibility
  2. Reduce and Prioritize Security Alerts
  3. Optimize Threat Detection
  4. Easily Manage Compliance


Here is little brief explanation about functionality of IBM Qradar SIEM.

  1. Provides Real-time Visibility


It will Capture all the log event and network flow data in near(approximately) real time and apply advanced analytics(google analytics similar to) to reveal(check) security offenses, vulnerabilities, bugs and detects.

  1. Reduce and Prioritize Security Alerts


It will focus on the security analyst investigations on a short manageable list of suspected(issues), high probability incidents.

  1. Optimize Threat Detection


QRadar is sense and track security incidents and threats with collected supporting data and context for very easier investigation. Also Qradar SIEM creates detailed data access and user activity reports.

  1. Easily Manage Compliance


QRadar is easily comply with internal organizational policies and also external regulations by offering many customizable reports and templates.


QRadar SIEM Key features:


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It’s easily Sense and detect the fraud in both insider and advanced threats.
Immedialy performing event normalization and correlation.
Sense, track and link all the significant incidents and threats.
You can Deploy and use QRadar SIEM in cloud environments.
You can Quickly and inexpensively increase or add more storage and processing.
Also it is Provides enforcement of data-privacy policies.
IBM X-Force threat intelligence expertise is also available.
Threat-prevention collaboration and management is also available.


IBM QRadar SIEM component models:


~ is a acronyms for Approximately.

  1. Integrated (all-in-one) appliance

2100: ~1000 events per second; ~50,000 flows per minute; 1.5 terabytes (TB) storage
3105: ~5000 events per second; ~200,000 flows per minute; 6.2 TB storage
3128: ~15,000 events per second; ~300,000 flows per minute; 40 TB storage

  1. Console

3105: 6.2 TB storage
3128: 40 TB storage

  1. Event/flow processor

1805: ~5000 events per second; ~200,000 flows per minute; 6.2 TB storage
1828: ~15,000 events per second; ~300,000 flows per minute; 40 TB storage

  1. Flow processor


1705: ~600,000 flows per minute; 6.2 TB storage
1728: ~1.2 million flows per minute; 40 TB storage

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IBM Security QRadar SIEM 7.3 System Requirements:


Java SDK: IBM Runtime Environment Java Technology edition 7.0.8
Security management: Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1.7
Browser requirements:

  1. Google Chrome 43 and future fix packs
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and future fix packs
  3. Mozilla Firefox ESR 38 and future fix packs

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