Make Full Payment Partial Payment in ODOO ERP

How To Make Full Payment Partial Payment  ODOO ERP

We already talked about how to Create Invoices in ODOO 10 and 11 versions and How to Make Partial Payments in Odoo in our previous threads now we are going to see about  how to Make Full Payment Partial Payment ODOO ERP.

This is also similar to Partial payments the steps are also easy.

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How to Make Full Payments in Odoo

So now we can see how Full payments can be done:

  1. Now select the specific Invoice your going to make payment
  2. Choose the Register payment option for that invoice.
  3. Now Enter the paid amount and all the details.
  4. Now Validate your payment amounts.

That is it Once done, then the status would change to Paid. You are successfully paid the amount for your Invoice.

You can check the below images for your reference.

Make Full Payment Partial Payment ODOO ERP


How to Make Advance Payments in Odoo


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Actually some times when the customer might be pay an advance for an upcoming service to be provided or the company will ask advance from the Customers. So they need to track all the advance they received by using Advance payments you can track all the payments.

You can do advance Payments by following the below steps:

  1. First go to your Accounting module
  2. Then select Sales option.
  3. There you can find Payments option.
  4. Now to go payments.
  5. Next Click on create button.
  6. Now give the Advanced Payment for the Customer.

That is it. You are successfully gave advance payments.

Refer below images.

Make Full Payment Partial Payment ODOO ERP

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