Request and Receive money using gmail

How to Request and Receive money using gmail(gmail receive money).

Request and Receive money using gmail:- If you are first time receive money through Gmail, then you’ll need to add a debit card to transfer the money. Whenever someone sends you money through Gmail, it will automatically transfer it to the card you added, gmail receive money.. Check how to Send money using gmail

How to claim money through Gmail

Steps by Steps

  •  Once you get the email message of receiving money, open Gmail.
  • Now Click Claim money button. Congrats you successfully claimed money.

Here’s the steps for

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How to request money from Gmail

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Gmail.
  2. Click the new Compose button.
  3. Type the email address of the person you want to receive money to.
  4. Add a subject and message text if needed.
  5. Now Click the $ icon (£ for UK users).
  6. Then Click Request at the top of the box, and enter the amount you’d like to request.
  7. Then Click Review.
  8. Finally Click Attach.
  9. Again, CHECK your message one final time and click Send.

Here’s​ the gift for how to send and receive money using gmail.

gmail receive money

This is available only for united states and united Kingdom UK and Europe (England).

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