Simple step tricks to find out which friend is blocked you on Facebook

Simple step tricks to find out which friend is blocked you on Facebook

Simple step tricks to find out which friend is blocked you on Facebook
Facebook is being a open source platform so anyone can directly contact you even they can send you a friend request and also use your personal details and your picture’s as well as video’s without your prior permission, That can often be annoying and scaring you.

Likewise Facebook always allow to you make a new friends so it also lets you block or unfriend them.

There often occurs incidents(Problem with them(your Facebook friends)) when you might land up in an argument with someone of your Facebook friend list and so you decided would no longer they want them to be part of your Facebook friend list.

It causes may be due to some personal issues or may be misusing the your personal information, picture’s, Video’s and other details available on your Facebook profile.

Then this is the good time to blocking someone is the only option.

Simple step tricks to find out which friend is blocked you on Facebook

Step 1. Need to Check Your Facebook friend Profile Picture.

i) Go to your chat history page.ii)Check your old chat history with the friend who you think they blocked you.

iii)If you’re unable to see the person’s profile picture, don’t worry they blocked you.


Step 2. Need to Check the Hyperlink on the Name.

i)Here’s Another simple trick that you can find out if your friend has blocked you on Facebook.

ii)If the hyperlink on your Facebook friend’s Profile name vanishes.

iii)Go to the chat history and see there is no hyperlink on their name and then the name no longer shows in bold.

iv)Now you can make sure that you are blocked.

Step 3: Need to Type and search Your Friend’s Name on Facebook Search.

If you are not able find the profile of your friend? Congrats, you’re blocked.


Step 4: Also Ask your Friend To do Step 3.

i)You could simply say to your friend to check for the profile of her/him.ii)If its available for your friend and its not available for you, ensure you are blocked.


Step 5: Need to Check Facebook Messenger chat.

i) If you ever chatted with the person you think have blocked, you can simply go to the chat box.
ii)Type a message to the person and send to them suppose if the message failed t send and displays a below message.

                  “This person isn’t receiving messages from you right now”

iii)Then you got a bad news you’re blocked by the user.

Step 6: For Clarify Go to Setting.

i)Go to settings page

ii)Click the blocking option

iii)Type the name of the your friend who you think blocked you.

iv)If you are able to see the person then it’s confirmed that you have been blocked.


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