How to send unlimited SMS using SMS Bomber Prank

 How to SMS bomber send unlimited free SMS Prank

SMS bomber send unlimited free SMS
Hey guys this author of SMS bomber send unlimited free SMS same like call bomber unlimited call. I’m back with the bang.This time for kick-ass some irritating friends with some Prank, did you ever fight with them or they makes you irritate.
If someone is making you temped, you need to kick back also you’re unable to control your anger or now is boring you want to prank your friend then here’s a relief for you.
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Here is the solution “SMS bomber”. Yes the solution is “SMSBomber”.

SMS Bomber is a online website if you give your friends mobile number then they will send you unlimited text bomb to your friends mobile.

Here is the step by step guide:

1: Go to website

2: Select Country code of your mobile you are going to prank.

3: Enter your mobile number.

4: Click Start That is it, Now unlimited sms text message will sent to your friend.

Step 5: IF you want to stop the sms bomb then you should need to close the tab or window of the browser.
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Also before prank your friend or anyone please read the site privacy letter Rules.

Because SMS Bomber is storing your IP address details for their security purpose so if you send to unknown people then suppose they will rise compliant against them (‘SMSBomber’) then they will provide your IP details so be care full before doing this to unknown person.

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Features of this SMS Bomber Script:

  • 100% Safe and secure SMS Flooder/Bomber Website
  • works on Slow Internet Connection
  • You can Send Messages in less a second
  • Unlimited number of SMS per Day for you
  • yes it is Works DND is Activated
  • Only for India
  • No Missing Issue
  • Lets have fun

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