Unlock your smartphone with face recognition and finger print at the same time using bio metric fusion engine

Unlock your smartphone with face recognition and finger print at the same time using bio metric fusion engine

Unlock your smartphone with face recognition and finger print at the same time using bio metric fusion engine

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If you’re using smart phone then always security is a big problem either your using pin or pattern or finger prints.

Before going to this topic can you tell me which one is high security it’s pin password or pattern lock or finger print password?

Please comment your thoughts in comment? 

Now I will tell you which one is more secure. 

Finger print unlock. 

I think you guys will think this is the best security compare to other services. 

Am I right ? Yes then your well come to 99% people’s club. 

If no! Then welcome to security club. 

Yes you can think no one can’t open your mobile without your permission using your finger print.

Yes that’s 100% percentage true. 

No one can’t use your mobile without your finger print. 

But the fact when your awake, suppose your sleeping then? 

Did you think your friend or family  member or roommates won’t use your mobile when you’re sleeping?

 Here I’m tell you some little things that you want to know.

One of my friend staying with roommates. 

He very often drink with his roommates. 

Every day he will check his mobile phone once wake up and seen he chatting with his girlfriend for long hours but he thinks like he didn’t chat with her.
It’s often continued when ever he is drinking.

One day again started drinking with roommate friends. This time he didn’t drink. 

After every one sleeps some one touch him’s hand and used finger print for u locking his phone. 

So you have security on finger print password is only your wake up not your sleeping. 

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Pattern password

Pattern password is also secure but easily find out anyone because basically we put password like S,Z,L Words only.

Also we can find by your touch screen. (If your oily face, after touch your face and drawing pattern lock then you can easily find your mobile pattern lock). 

Pin password

 Compare to other 2 Passwords, Pin password is more secure but if you forget your pin then you have to worry.
 Now what you think about unlocking your mobile phone with face recognition?

Did you think face recognition to unlocking the smartphone is possible? 

Yes that is possible we can unlock with face recognition processing. 

It’s sounds good right how about combining fingerprint and face recognition to unlocking your smartphone device?

It is sounds too good.

 Yes. This is going to happen because of Human Interface technology called “Synaptics”.

Now the security of your smartphone is too high. 

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Here it’s how we know this? 

Today Synaptics is announced it on behalf of “2017 consumer electronic show” also Synaptics announced how they are calling this is  “new multi-factor bio metric fusion engine”. 

It is combine with both fingerprint and facial recognition technologies. 

If suppose your new smartphone start to use this new technologies then your mobile phone have higher security.

 Also you can choose anyone unlock method like fingerprint unlock or face recognition unlock or fusion unlock(both at the same time).

Example, if your both hands are covered by gloves, that time facial recognition method could be used.

 If you are using fusion method then you need to unlock your device with both face recognition and fingerprint at the same time for more security.
But unfortunately Synaptics not yet announce when they are going to added this on smartphones, also rumored this going to be first launched on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.
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